Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to become a photographer

By understanding your tools, you can achieve any type of photography skills and styles. Just reading a book about photography will not turn you into an accomplished photographer! You must practice at every opportunity and refine your skills through trial and error. Study your camera’s manual usually included with the purchase of a new camera. If you happened to have purchased a used camera in good working order without a manual, then how do you know what all the buttons and menus will do? Simply contact your local camera dealer or go on line and visit your cameras manufacture and purchase a manual from them. Every style of camera is different. What can be done with one camera may not be an option on another. So do your homework BEFORE going out and investing in the most important tool in your new trade or hobby. If you already have purchased one, then learn everything that the camera can do by simply studying the manual and practicing by shooting a large amount of images and studying what works for you and what don’t. The main thing here is to practice, practice, practice!
This blog is to introduce you to the basics and what is not included in a camera’s manual. We will look at shutter speeds, apertures and their relationship to each other as well as lens types (and differences), image composition, cameras, ISO’s, how and why to use filters and of coarse your most important tool, lighting.

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