Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photo Checks

Did you know that you can get your own 4 favorite pictures and have them as the background on your check? You would think that everyone would already be doing this. With all the digital cameras that are on the market these days including cell phones and the ease in use of the internet, it only makes sense to be able to use your own images instead of being stuck using a check printers templates. For this reason Pictured Events offers photo checks that rotate in a series of 4 images. You can also use a company logo as the background on your checks. We have all the different styles of checks you can get from any of the other check printing companies. Duplicate, single, side tear and etc. We even have the photo checks used in your computer if you have the software already.
We are a photography company but we feel that most people have pictures already that they want to use in their photo checks. There is no other way to personalize every check you write! If you dont already have images stored in your camera or hard drive then you can contact us to get your portrait session scheduled.

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